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 LOCAL NEWS  CROSSWORD  SUDOKU  HOROSCOPES  COMMUNITY Back To School Aug 15th State Award Winning Newspaper with the Best of Clay County Living Since January 2000 August 2017 Vol 18 Issue 8 Start preparing for the 2017-18 school year! Get your supply lists here: N EIGHBOR NEIGHBOR TO CALENDAR  SCHOOL NEWS  GARDENING Read us on-line for FREE at FREE TAKE ONE Pre-school to College Find what you need at August 2015 Nick Thompson Farm Bureau to Get New Building Staff writer/photographer On Tuesday, July 26, 2017, Clay County Farm Bureau President Gayward Hendry presided over the ground breaking ceremonies for New Kicks, Vintage Lunch Boxes, Funky New Kicks, Vintage Lunch boxes, Jewelry, Hair Bows, Unique Decorating Funky Jewelry, hair Bows, Unique Decorating Decor for Plus your new Decor For Your New Place, All The place, plus all the basics like Basics Like Kitchen Items, Small kitchen items, small appliances, Appliances. TV & Computer Accessories TV & Computer accessories, Musical Instruments sheet And sets & even mattresses. WALDO FARMERS & FLEA MARKET Hwy 301 l Waldo l Every Sat & Sun If you have some news or ideas... WALDO Call 904-278-7256 WALDO FARMERS FARMERS & FLEA MARKET (l to r) Terri Davis, Kelly Mosley, Rep. Bobby Payne, Norma Jean Parrish, Jesse Godbold, Randolph September & FLEA MARKET Padgett, Thelton Goff, Leann Wilkes (kneeling), Damian Stewart, Gayward Hendry, Billy Whitman, Walk your Dog while you Browse! 2015 Bob Joiner, Matt Hickey, Dana Dejarnatt, and Joe Davis. Homemade Dog Treats, Leashes, the Place Pig for Crafters Sept 2017 Ears,Toys, Crates, Mobile Vet, Flea & Heartworm Meds & DIY Enthusiasts! the new Farm Bureau building to be located at 2006 Henley Road in Middleburg, Florida. Gayward a LABOR DAY or You can find Planning Unique pieces to re-purpose TAILGATING Gathering? & refinish. Wooden Display Cases, Picture Huge Pots, Burner Stands, Frames, Odd Canopies, Boxes, Broken Jewelry, Sea Trailer Balls, Chaffing Shells, Random Knobs & Hooks. Turn your Dishes, Fresh Produce & Boiled Peanuts. Flags, Serving Trays, Punch Bowls Gear hobby into money and sell even your Fishing creations. We’ve Got What You Need! August 2017 Can I get help paying for my The health insurance? You Supply Find out by calling: Imagination! The Aaron Group 276-9088 Hwy 301 l Waldo l Every Sat & Sun 2569 County Road 220, Ste. Hwy 301 l Waldo l Every Sat 202 & Sun Middleburg, FL 32068 In the pursuit of health Florida Blue is a trade name of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. 77952-0713/73854-0712 Agt. Ready for for Some Some Football? Football? Ready welcomed about 30 people to the event, including Vice President Matt Hickey, Secretary Norma Jean Parrish, and the members of the Bureau's Board of Directors. "I appreciate each one of you coming out today. The conditions are a little austere, and it only gets worse after this!" quipped Hendry as he made light of the extreme July humidity while welcoming those in attendance. "We're here today to dedicate the ground breaking for our new Farm Bureau offi ce, and a Clay County Farm Bureau lovely sight it is. It's high and dry, and even has a big pond out back, we're thinking about including that President Gayward Hendry, on our membership! We're real proud of this. It's been a long hard pull." At this point Hendry recognized right, welcomes Florida State and thanked the previous owners of the property, Steve Poole and his wife. "Steve owned this land at Representative District 19 Bobby one time and we bought it from him and this guy's just been a Godsend. A real pleasure to work with. I Payne to the offi cial ground want to thank him for all the things he's done for me and the organization at large because he's bent over breaking ceremony. backwards to make this an easy transition." He then proceeded to make a few introductions, and joked, "And this is not in order of rank, president, or looks!" He proceeded to point out Clay County Manager Stephanie Kopelousos, fellow County Commissioners Diane Hutchins and Mike Cella, Florida State Representative District 19 Bobby Payne, and Chamber of Commerce President Doug Conkey. Hendry explained that the purchase of the four and a half acres of land from Mr. Poole and the transitioning of the Middleburg offi ce to the new location was due to the widening of Blanding Boulevard. "We're just so excited about this location. We hope to never have to move again." He added, "It's a perfect location, it's a beautiful spot. Everything is pretty well in place, and we're just looking for continued service to the citizens of Clay County through Farm Bureau Insurance and Farm Bureau Federation." Hendry said the 60' by 90' building was to be paid by the Clay County Farm Bureau, "We're paying for it all through money we had in savings and the money that the state paid us for our existing property in Middleburg." He said that by the time the new building was completed, it's cost would be somewhere around $1 million. On the question of whether or not the new building would create additional jobs, Hendry said, "It will not create any, initially, we're just transferring the Middleburg personnel over to this offi ce, but we've experienced a phenomenal rate of growth in the last two or three years and we'll be looking at putting on more employees as time goes along." He also said the over the next ten to twelve years Henley Road from their new location to SR 16 expects to grow by 75,000 residents. "We're just so excited about this, and hopefully this will be the last time Clay County Farm Bureau ever moves. This will be our permanent home for ever and ever. 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