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C LASSROOM C ONNEC t ION There’s an App for That— Google Apps for Education conferences because parents can see the homework assignments on which their child is going to be working. Step 2: Google Docs The next step in the integration process was using Google Docs. This began with technology teachers having students com -plete assignments using Google Docs and share them with their instructor instead of printing. This document collaboration be -tween the student and instructor is a key factor in SWCTA’s use of Google Apps. Teachers are able to provide feedback directly in the student’s document and the student receives that feedback immediate -ly. With the use of project-based learning (PBL) at SWCTA, collaboration between students is vital and Google Docs provides a place where students can also collabo -rate with each other and not have to be in the same place at the same time. Step 3: iPod Pilot Program PHOTO By ISTOCk.COM By Craig Statucki At SOUtHWESt CAREER AND tECHNICAL ACADEMY (SWCtA), Step 1: The Calendar When the school first started moving towards using Google Apps, it started with every teacher creating a calendar for their classes and putting it onto their class web site. This allowed students, parents, and administration to view what activi -ties were happening in class each day. While this may seem like a small step, this simple use of Google Apps has created a significant decrease in parent-teacher an Apple Distinguished School, the usage of Google Apps for Education has expanded from a few teachers using the Google calendars to post lesson plans online to having every teacher, administrator and student with an account. SWCTA’s integration with Google Apps started small, but has expanded quickly in recent years. In 2010, SWCTA piloted a 1-to-1 iPod program for its junior class. Each iPod had apps installed related to the specific program area. The school’s overall use of Google Apps began to quickly increase; students no longer needed to be in a computer lab to work with Google Docs. They could access all of their documents on their iPod and edit them whenever they needed. The integration of iPods and Google Apps started to level the playing field for our students. The junior students that did not have computers at home now had an iPod where they could access the Internet from the public library, Star -bucks or McDonald’s and work on school assignments. 8 Techniques Ma y 2012

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