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L EADING E DGE Reflect for the Future tHE END OF tHE SCHOOL YEAR brings to mind Techniques I n te r I m m A n AG I n G e D I t O r Ayoka Blandford / thoughts of beginnings, endings and transitions. This is a good time to reflect and celebrate our many successes; it is also an important time to look toward the future and anticipate the changes yet to come. We are at the end of the ACTE fiscal year. As we look back, we proudly acknowledge the work of the Board of Directors and volunteers who worked tirelessly to implement programs and services that added value to the work of each and every member. We can congratulate ourselves for the advocacy efforts that resulted in the level funding for Perkins during a time of unprecedented calls in Congress for Janet B. Bray spending reductions. We defined “career readiness” and injected the definition into the broader education dialogue. We celebrate the presence of the Congressional CTE Caucus and the warm welcomes staff and members received during hundreds of lobby visits. We can look back at the success of the 2011 ACTE Annual Convention and share the excitement of planning a new international summit focused on career and technical education (CTE). I look back with a sense of gratitude and pride for the professional staff working on behalf of ACTE and the profession. Their efforts resulted in a positive cash flow and a stable budget, accomplished with fewer resources. Our goal is to serve and provide value to each member. There is no greater team than the ACTE staff! In a new fiscal year, we will meet challenges with anticipation, excitement and strong resolve. The launch of CareerTech VISION 2012, November 29–December 1 in Atlanta, will be a gathering place for CTE professionals to meet institutional and personal professional development goals. The Board approval of ACTE’s “preferred future” will strengthen CTE’s position to meet the challenges of a changing workplace and the need to close the skills gap. We will enhance our use of technology to provide the information, resources and tools our members need. We will continue to be a strong voice for CTE in Congress, with the Administration and general public. We will continue to strengthen partnerships and increase collaboration efforts to enhance our position within the education community. The focus of putting people to work in jobs that will stabilize and grow the economy remains an American priority. It also remains a fact that CTE should be an active participant in the dialogue and serve as a leader in education and training reform. We are transitioning to a higher level of discourse: how to educate and prepare tomorrow’s workforce. CTE should lead the way. Together We Stand Strong. Together We Make It Work! Finally, I leave you to ponder this African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” A C t e S tA F F C O nt r I B U t O r S Stephen DeWitt / Catherine Imperatore / Ashley Parker / D e S I G ne r Kelly Jenkins / A DV e r t I S I n G A C C O U n t S A L e S r e P tom minich / mel Katz / AD V e r t I S I n G C O O r D I n At O r Jim Waterhouse, Techniques magazine 1410 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: 800-826-9972 ext. 332 Fax: 703-683-7424 e-mail: P U B L IS H er Association for Career and technical education Janet B. Bray, executive Director H O W T O C O N TA C T A C T E Call 800-826-9972 M E M B ER S H I P S ER V I C E S Techniques magazine is just one of the benefits of joining ACte. Call 800-826-9972 or visit to learn more. T E C HN IQ U E S E D I T O R I A L Contact Ayoka Blandford by phone at 703-683-9353 or by e-mail at to submit letters to the editor or to send article queries or manuscripts, e-mail to, or mail to editor, Techniques , 1410 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314. Information on writing for Techniques is available at . REPRINTS, COPY PERMISSION, BACK ISSUES ACte members seeking permission to copy limited quantities of articles from Techniques , please contact or fax your request to elizabeth Heatley at 800-826-9972,, or fax 703-683-7424. For non-members and large quantity copy permission requests, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center, 978-750-8400. For bulk reprints, please contact IPA Publishing Services at 800-259-0470. For back issues, please contact ACte member services at 800-826-9972. members may access the contents of all issues of Techniques from September 2002 forward, on the ACte Web site, . Online access is subject to prevailing copyright protections and prior written permission from ACte is required for all reprints and copies. members can request an additional copy of Techniques for missing, lost or damaged copies, but fulfillment of this request cannot be guaranteed after 90 days from issue date. Copyright 2012 by the Association for Career and technical education Inc. the views expressed by Techniques do not necessarily represent an official position of ACte. Acceptance of ads for publication in the magazine does not imply endorsement of advertised products by the association. Janet B. Bray Executive Director 6 Techniques Ma y 2012

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