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Check Out Anna Maria College & Check Off Your College Wish List! Academic Excellence 17 Varsity Sports Teams Honors Program Individual Attention Internships and Service Learning 5th Year Option At Anna Maria College classes are designed to provide the individual attention students need to succeed. Popular majors include Business, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Education, Health Science, Nursing, Music and Art Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, Sport Management and more. COLLEGE guide President and Publisher John J. Palumbo 649-4848 l jpalumbo@rimonthly.com Associate Publisher/Sales Kieran Keating 649-4888 l kkeating@rimonthly.com Special Publications Creative Director Doreen M. Chisnell 649-4828 l dchisnell@rimonthly.com Associate Art Director Doug Sternberg 649-4838 l dsternberg@rimonthly.com Editor Jennifer Swanson 6494870 l jswanson@rimonthly.com Editorial Assistant Joshua Aromin 649-4880 l jaromin@rimonthly.com Check out AMC -For more information contact: admission@annamaria.edu or call 508.849.3360 Production Production Director Paul O’Hare 649-4833 l pohare@rimonthly.com Traffic Manager Julie Rishworth 649-4855 l jrishworth@rimonthly.com Imaging Specialist Alan DiPetrillo 649-4844 l adipetrillo@rimonthly.com Production Designer Debra Lamp 649-4866 l dlamp@rimonthly.com Advertising Designer Teressa Metfooney 649-4866 l tmetfooney@rimonthly.com the college of choice and check o your wish list! Administration Business Manager David Krzyzek 649-4884 l dkrzyzek@rimonthly.com Office Manager Kristine Dorais 649-4847 l kdorais@rimonthly.com Circulation Consultant L. Lee Healy 649-4899 l healylee@aol.com Schedule a campus tour! AMC 50 Sunset Lane Paxton, MA 01612 www.annamaria.edu admission@annamaria.edu BOSTON Sales & Marketing Senior Marketing Consultant Gail S. Stern 649-4807 l gstern@rimonthly.com Marketing Consultants Linda Ahlers 649-4801 l lahlers@rimonthly.com Leslie Hunter Gunther 649-4802 l lgunther@rimonthly.com Audra Lavoie 649-4803 l alavoie@rimonthly.com Anna_Maria_CG_12.indd 1 A Great Essay Begins with a Single Thought HS Juniors – Call Today! 1/12/12 2:11 PM Sharon Paradis 649 4804 l sparadis@rimonthly.com Siobhán Reynolds 649-4805 l sreynolds@rimonthly.com Sales Administrator Caryl Salisbury 649-4806 l csalisbury@rimonthly.com Marketing Manager Robin Erickson 649-4878 l rerickson@rimonthly.com Marketing Assistant Sarah Mead 649-4898 l smead@rimonthly.com CollegeStartOnline.com For a well-written application that delivers results! ✒ Common Application Essays ✒ Supplement Questions * 20 YEARS * ✒ College Strategy EXPERIENCE Joan Martin, Ph.D. • MA 781-891-0775 • RI 401-314-6060 www.CollegeStartOnline.com Rhode Island Monthly ’s College Guide is published by Rhode Island Monthly Communications, Inc., 717 Allens Avenue, Providence, RI 02905. 401649 4800. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission. 2 RHODE ISL AND MONT HLY I COLLEGE GUIDE 2012

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