Powerbuilt Automotive Specialty Tool Catalog Update 12_11 : Page 4

B R A K E S Brake Return Spring Tool B r a k e s Item# 648411 UPC Code 028907-101774 Case Pack Shelf Pack 96 6 For removing and installing return springs on brakes where the return spring hooks over a post. Includes shoehorn end and socket end to remove/install Bendix style brake shoe return springs easily. Universal Brake Spring Compressor Item# 648592 UPC Code 028907-103600 Case Pack Shelf Pack 96 6 For removing and installing brake shoe retaining spring washers up to 7/8" in diameter. Fluted socket grips retaining washer when tool is pushed in and turned. Brake Return Spring Tool for Small Cars Item# 940383 UPC Code 028907-313368 Case Pack Shelf Pack 108 6 For removing and installing return springs 5/8" to 11/16" diameter on small car drum brakes. Special small socket fits into tight places and grips retainer washer. Used in late model cars and light trucks. Brake Return Spring Pliers Item# 648404 UPC Code 028907-101705 Case Pack Shelf Pack 48 6 3 in 1 tool includes the tools to 1) remove brake shoe return springs, 2) install drum style return springs and 3) remove and install automatic adjuster springs. Starwheel Adjuster Spoon Item# 648405 UPC Code 028907-101712 Case Pack Shelf Pack 36 6 For adjusting clearance between brake shoes and drum. Rotates brake starwheel adjuster through a hole in backing plate. 2 different heads. 7" overall length. 2 ALLTRADE SPECIALTY TOOLS

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