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ONCOLOGY REH AB & BREAST HEALTH PROGRAMS INTEGRATIVE CARE FOR WOMEN, BY WOMEN. We are proud to work with medical and allied health professionals and The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation to help lead the charge in comprehensive rehabilitative oncology programs. Our licensed female therapists provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and one-on-one treatments in a supportive, nurturing environment of care. We offer prevention, functional restoration, and support services during and after cancer treatment with tailored interventions that improve many of the common side effects associated with cancer and its treatment. We address: fatigue, weakness, decreased endurance, pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, sensory difficulties, scar tissue, loss of balance and coordination, incontinence, decreased bone density, weight gain and lymphedema. RI Rehab Therapists Utilize a Wide Array of Evidence-Based Interventions: s2EHABILITATION for neurological challenges following chemotherapy & other treatments s0OSTSURGICALREHABILITATIONBREASTCANCERANDRECONSTRUCTIVESURGERY s4REATMENTFORONCOLOGY&#0d;RELATEDPELVICFLOORISSUES s2EHABILITATIONDURINGANDPOSTRADIATIONTHERAPY s/NCOLOGY&#0d;BASEDEXERCISEPROGRAMS s,YMPHEDEMATREATMENTS RI Therapy & Wellness For Women (a division of RI Rehab) WWW&#0e;2)477&#0e;COMs

 7ITH#LINICSIN#RANSTONs3AUNDERSTOWN RI Rehabilitation Centers WWW&#0e;2)2EHAB&#0e;COMs 2)&#0d;2%(!" 7ITH#LINICSIN#RANSTONs%AST'REENWICHs%AST0ROVIDENCE 0AWTUCKETs0ROVIDENCEs3AUNDERSTOWNs7ARREN Appointments Monday through Friday, with early morning and evening availability. We accept most major insurances and offer affordable self-pay rates.

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