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Family, Educational & Travel Games The Tiny Trinket Game of Imaginative Play! This simple and versatile travel game in a little mesh pouch has 10 different easy-to-learn games using tiny trinkets from around the world. Use the trinkets to tell stories and to play memory and challenging strategy games. Each color bag has a completely different set of trinkets. Exercises your brain while you have fun! Think-ets ® Ages 8+ Assortment: THK 20 (60-12) Red: THK 01 (5-3*) Blue: THK 02 (5-3*) Bag Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple • Improve memory, thinking skills, and creative imagination • Very portable with loads of play value • Best selling item Green: THK 03 (5-3*) Purple: THK 04 (5-3*) Awards Dear Friends of Think-a-lot Toys, It’s been four years since we came out with our Think-ets game. At our first Toy Fair, this delightful travel and creativ -ity game was listed as the top favorite of the About.com toy reviewer and we haven’t looked back. Since then, we’ve sold more than 65,000 games, mostly in specialty toy and gift stores across the U.S. and recently, the world. Each year, we continue to add new and unique imagination and storytelling games you won’t find anywhere else. Think-a-lot Toys came about because of our love of “toys and games that make you think”. We believe in the power of imaginative play and the role that imagination has in creat -ing a brighter future for us all. Our games have a wonderful emphasis on storytelling and the creative and emotional landscapes that emerge from kids and adults alike when they play our games. Thank you for supporting small toy companies. We work hard to bring you high quality games that build a better world full of laughter and creativity. Please give us a call at 303-449-2737 (Randy’s direct line) or 303-449-5142 (Julie’s direct line) anytime. Best regards, Randy Compton Founder and CEO Julie Benjamin Office Manager, Orders Think-ets ® Genius The Challenging, Muclti-purpose Imagination Game in ca Tin Ages 8+ Take your creative storytelling and word-game skills to the next level. This more challenging version of our award-winning Think-ets is packed with new storytelling games and clever word games. Packaged in a colorful tin, it has 11 different games and 15 new miniature items from around the world. Tell a story based on the antics of improvisational theater, or play word games like Ghost and Killer Mouse. Open the tin and become a genius! • Extremely durable (and cool) tin • 15 slightly larger trinkets • Contains simple and difficult games THK 10 (8-6) Awards: Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Product To order call 303-449-2737 or visit www.think-a-lot.comc

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