The Legal Investigator Summer 2011 - Vol.36, Issue 2 : Cover

SUMMER 2011 VOL. 36, ISSUE 2 the legal investigator The Official Journal of the National Association of Legal Investigators Assessing Damages by Kathleen Cunningham | p.4 The Investigator’s Guide to FORENSIC FOCUS | p.10 Use this comprehensive investiga-tive protocol to help you gather optimal information, analyze evi-dence versus theory, expose the weaknesses in your opponent’s case, and enhance your case. NEW TECH | p.14 A lot of people talking about spoofing Caller ID. What is it and how might it impact you or your clients? Learn how to check for CALLER ID spoofing and be ready to be surprised at what you’ll find. ETHICS | p.16 Do you ever ask yourself, “Did I do the right thing?” Read about the common-sense solutions to help you avoid trouble, not hurt anyone, and ask yourself the right questions before you take a case.

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