Metromorphosis Metromorphosis 2011 Vol XXIV : Page 1

To the Reader: Creating a magazine is a lot like creating a work of art. A seed is planted in the mind of the artist, which evolves into something (hopefully) sub-stantial. Portraying a concept or emotion through a medium that be-comes transformed into a striking work of art is an experience that can be shared between the creator and the viewer. We’d like to think (and from that point, share) what we consider to be the substantial develop-ment of those seeds that has been collectively merged to go beyond the individual. This magazine is the collaboration of those individuals, intended to transcend the pages and mirror the ambience that is the Wolfson Cam-pus. We welcome you to take a stroll through the immense garden that has taken root and pick the “flowers” you find most compelling. Sincerely, The Metromporphosis Team 1

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