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summER 2011 Vol. 15 IssuE 4 W ritten B y THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 12 Take 5 by Lisa Rosen How Dan Harmon gender-balances C ommunity . 14 The Job by Miles Millar & Alfred Gough s aying adios to s uperman and aloha to an upda ted Charlie’s Angels . THE Emmy IssuE 18 Tools by Marc Scott Zicree A guide f or survival and conques t a t C omic-C on. Moms in The Middle 32   By Lisa Rosen DEPARTmEnTs 2 Fade In 4 letters 6 Writers’ Room 64 Fade out The team of Eileen Heisler & DeAnn Heline balance motherhood and Midwestern values while cooking The Middle. 22 a Kid in a Candy Factory By ToDD AARon JEnsEn From Super 8 and Fringe and Lost, back to the futurist 8-year-old telling tales out of school—J.J. Abrams, unexpurgated. 26 The Doctor is in america By RosAnnE WElCH Russell T. Davies miraculously saved Britain’s Doctor Who and now is Americanizing Torchwood: Miracle Day. Get ready for RT’s second coming. 42 Writers of a Certain age By louIsE FARR Growing old craftily is an art best served by Ray Romano & Mike Royce in Men of a Cover portrait of Eileen Heisler & DeAnn Heline by Tom Keller Contents image by Ron Tammariello Certain Age. 50 Do inhale: Mr. Chips Goes to Hell By mARsHA sCARBRougH Why Vince Gilligan isn’t Breaking Bad.

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