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Romantic Rhode Trip s Three’s a Crowd P u t t h e world on ho ld, gas u p t h e ca r a nd cal l t h e babys i t t e r: It’s time for some qual i ty one -on-one wi t h your bett e r hal f. Rediscover Block Island by air, by sea and by sand. Clockwise from left: Jason Watson/Shutterstock; Block Island Tourism/Michael Melford; Block Isla\nd Toursim/Michael Melford Start with a sunset cocktail on the EAT deck of Yellow Kittens and gradually make your way to the cozy dining room at Winfield’s for an intimate, island-fresh dinner. Around 9 or 10 p.m., when you’re wrapping up your leisurely meal, you’ll probably hear a band warming up back at the Kittens. The decision to head over and dance the night away or call it a night is all yours. yellowkittens. net, winfieldsrestaurant.net There’s a reason the Blue Dory is STAY considered Block Island’s most romantic inn: charming Victorian decor and quiet, inviting rooms (their signature off ering of chocolate chunk cookies and wine in the afternoon is an added bonus). The inn is within walking distance of the ferry, and with a back door that opens right on Crescent Beach, there’s no need for a car, bike or taxi unless you plan to explore. 68 Dodge St ., 401-466-2254, blockisland inns.com Anxious to hurry up and relax? The TIP high speed ferry puts you dockside in about thirty minutes, but you can only get it out of Galilee and reservations are recommended. Interstate Navigation, 401-783-7996, blockislandferry.com Anchors Aweig h Castaway twelve miles off shore. WHO CARES IF YOU WON’T actually be leaving the state: The fact that you have to take a ferry or puddle-jumper to get there effectively classifi es a trip to Block Island as an island getaway. One of the many-splendored things about this place is that once you’re on island time, you can do as much or as little as you fancy. Active outdoorsy couples can explore the island’s picturesque con-servation lands and nature preserves, take to the water in kayaks or bike just about anywhere. Devout beach bums can (and do) lie blissfully idle on the island’s sun-drenched shores from dawn till dusk. Visitors swarm to the beaches all summer long but keep in mind there are seventeen miles of coastline here: Do a little exploring and you’re bound to fi nd a reasonably secluded patch of sand to call your own. Feeling ambitious? Bike to Mohegan Bluffs and see what gets your pulse racing faster, the walk down the 141 steps to the beach below or the view. Particularly lively surf makes that beach less than perfect for swimming, but the sights and sounds you’ll take in are worth the effort. Parasailing might not scream romance to you, but you’ll likely abandon thoughts of the offi ce and kiddie carpool schedules while soaring twenty feet or so above the Atlantic. If the island’s breathtaking beauty and let-your-hair-down vibe fail on their own to awaken your passions, try horseback riding on the beach or a sunset cruise around the island. So, how are you feeling now? 8 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY I RHODE TRIPS I 2011

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