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A STUDY IN NATURE VERSUS NURTURE: My brother and I are both Rhode Island born and bred — raised in the same house in the same town from birth through college. While I chose to continue subjecting myself to fi ckle New England weather, my brother took a pass on fi ve months of cold gray skies and unsolicited displays of snow in April, opting instead for temperate predictability. One night in January as I watched fresh snow fall on the already three-foot pall shrouding my backyard, I listened to him prattle on about the unseasonably warm “winter” weather they were enjoying in sunny San Diego. Sounds great, big brother, but I gotta go shovel before the snow buries the car . E d itor ’s Note But now we’re looking June in the eye. My army of hostas is taking over, the lawn has reappeared and new grass stains have worked their way into every pair of pants my girls own. And suddenly I remember why I stayed. It’s simple pleasures like sangria on a warm summer night (something they don’t have in San Diego — warm summer nights, that is) at Spain, meander-ing Cliff Walk late on a Tuesday afternoon, camping with my family, and honestly not minding if my little ones don green knees from June through September. When you’re a kid grass stains are trophies: The bigger they are, the better you’ve played. Shakespeare was right: “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” It’s fl eeting and it’s fabulous so make haste and hit the Rhode. — Jennifer Swanson, Editor, Special Publications Rising gas prices got you down? Why go far when there’s so much to do and see right here at home? We’re giving away four Rhode Trips this summer on RIMonthly.com. Prizes include a fun-filled day in Newport , a boat tour of beautiful Narragansett Bay , dinner in Providence every night for one week, and VIP treatment at the Newport WineFest . 4 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY I RHODE TRIPS I 2011

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