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Tricia Isham, from Webster Mother of two boys, ages 4 and 2 &#1b; HER BLOG: Mom is the Only Girl THE MEANING BEHIND THE TITLE: I was trying to think of a simple title that reflected who I am and what I intended to write about. I started with the basics which was that I was the only girl in the house. It sort of made sense to use that because then I could make my blog about whatever I wanted. It made it mine! SHE'S BEEN BLOGGING SINCE: March 2010 WHAT SHE BLOGS ABOUT: I'm a stay at home mom to 2 boys (22 months apart) who are always competing for my attention and keeping me on my toes. Topics include learning the alpha-bet, day trips in the Rochester area, experiments we've tried (at the preschool level), various indoor and outdoor activities, discov-ering, imagination – and lots of other things centered around the little guys. HER FAVORITE TOPICS: I enjoy blogging most about my boys' adventures when they see things in a new light or for the first time. HER INSPIRATION: My sister-in-law told me about a couple of blogs she had started reading. In a separate conversation she was complimenting me about what I was doing with my then 3 year-old working on his letters. The idea came to me that if she thought it was a good thing, then others might benefit from it and be encouraged by what I was doing. If I encourage one per-son to have fun in everyday life and find little ways to help their child learn outside of a book and pencil, then I'm happy! BEST PART ABOUT BLOGGING: When people comment regularly it is nice because you sort of start a friendship in blog-land. The bloggers I've met so far have been very encouraging and I've found some great blogs and ideas that way. A FAVORITE RECENT POST: "One Mommy's Snow Thoughts" from March 24th. This was really going out on a limb for me. First it had nothing to do, really, with what my boys were up to. Second, I never have poetic thoughts like that and to share them and get positive comments gave me a real boost! HOW HER CHILDREN DESCRIBE HER: Cutie Pie, the 4 year old, said "Mommy, special, desrectable" (which was followed by a smile, hug and kiss, so I'm thinking that's a compliment!) Sweet Pea said "Mommy." ACCESSORY SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Digital camera. WHAT SHE'S DOING WHEN SHE'S NOT BLOGGING: Hanging out with my husband, play with my boys, and card making. &#0f; &#1b; 14 Starting June 2011, HER WORDS is going to be a monthly online column at Visit to learn how you can participate!

Cheryl Kelley, D.M.D.

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