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FEBRUARY/MARCH 2011 VOL. 15 ISSUE 2 W ritten B y THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 8 Tribute Del Reisman’s friends and colleagues recall the perfect gentleman . 16 The Job by Geoffrey Fletcher After an Academy Award for Precious, everything changed . . . and remained the same. Sort of. Fertility Rites 24 COVER STORY 34 By Lisa Rosen Stuart Blumberg and Lisa Cholodenko, a straight sperm-donor and a gay mother, partner to produce a traditional heartwarming family drama. 18 Film lit by Larry McMurtry Surviving Awards Season in tux jacket, jeans, and cowboy boots. To Tell the Truth By MeLissa GaGe Six entertaining documentaries that dare to show us the way it is and why it isn’t, and how to tell the difference. 30 20 Take 5 by Denis Faye Scripting the first-person-shootin’, time-travelin’, mutant-Soviet-soldier-vaporizin’ video game Singularity . Dreaming out loud By F.x. Feeney Development note: Please Give the Black Swan for 127 Hours to Phillip Morris whose True Grit will guide her to The Town to dance The Social Network. This gives us Inception II. 40 We Are America By DEPARTmEnTs PauL BRownFieLd 2 Fade In 4 Letters 72 Fade Out A report card on The Colbert Report writing staff. Are their facts fiction? Or is the news satire? 48 The Harder They Fall By RoB FeLd How fighter-writers Scott Silver, Eric Johnson, and Paul Tamasy stayed in the ring with The Fighter. Cover portrait of Lisa Cholodenko by Jilly Wendell Contents image of 2011 Writers Guild Award by R. Tammariello

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