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WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA NOMINEE BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY EXT. DORM BUILDING – DAY JONI Guys, come on... (beat) Look, I’ll talk to you soon. Joni tries to detach from the hug. But her moms won’t let go. They keep holding her and cr ying. Slowly, their tears begin to break Joni down. Trapped in their loving embrace, Joni’s feelings rise up, unbidden, overpowering her. She starts crying. The moms hold her tighter, which makes her cry even harder. Soon she’s sobbing in her mothers’ arms, as all the pressure, resentment and anger she’s felt starts seeping out of her. Nic and Jules feel their daughter letting go. They hold her tight to comfort her. They keep holding her until a calm sets in. LISA CHOLODENKO & STUART BLUMBERG Guided by an outstanding script from Lisa Cholodenko & Stuart Blumberg , the year's best ensemble cast is able to go deep into their characters. ‘The Kids Are All Right’ rebels by turning a conventional family drama, traditionally structured, on its head with the ease the movie exhibits in its own skin. The smartest, funniest, sexiest live-action movie of the year. Grade: A." –LISA SCHWARZBAUM, “THIS PITCH-PERFECT MOVIE CHA RMS AUDIENCES INTO A STATE OF ENLIGHTENMENT. Now available on Blu-Ray, DV D and on TM at iTunes.com/FocusFeatures extraordinary film, go to: www.FocusAwards2010.com For up-to-the-minute screening information and more on this

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