360 West February 2011 : Page 2

Luxury Living in the Heart of Fort Worth In the Riverhills neighborhood, part of the historic Edwards Ranch, you’ll rediscover the way neighborhood life used to be. One of the cornerstones of our philosophy is defined by over fifty acres of public areas built into Riverhills. These gathering spaces create the living, breathing community, a hallmark of a healthy, nurturing, neighborhood. You’ll find this community surprisingly close to downtown Fort Worth and all the dynamic amenities a metropolitan city has to offer. Through a dedication to preservation of Fort Worth’s natural beauty and the traditional values of home and family which inspired it, Riverhills offers an unparalleled quality of life and an opportunity to create a lasting legacy for your family in Fort Worth’s oldest new neighborhood. RIVERHILLS EDWARDS RANCH, EST 1848 www.edwardsranch1848.com • 817.509.0032 For more information visit our NEW website at www.edwardsranch1848.com or call 817.509.0032 2 February 2011 www.360westmagazine.com

Cassco Development Co.

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