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JANUARY 2011 VOL. 15 ISSUE 1 W ritten By THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Columns 6 Take 5 by Alex Gibney Client-9 reveals far more heinous crimes committed by corporate predators than by their prosecutor, Eliot Spitzer. 10 The Job by Julie Sayres Remain forever young by memorizing Internet acronyms. 14 Tools by Ron Suppa Finding the right spot to write ain’t easy. DEPARTmEnTs 2 Fade In 56 Fade Out COVER STORY What He Knows 20 By RoB Feld James L. Brooks finally gets the girl by writing and directing How Do You Know. Why the happy ending? James knows. 16 By my Partner, the Director AARon SoRkin When Aaron met David, a perfect writer-director social network was wed. 28 The Dignity of labor The Company Men, John Wells’ first produced feature screenplay since 1996, emerged from a labor of love and years of rewrites. 34 By Ageism and $70 million RichARd RoSSneR And MARc Scott ZicRee A few surprising words about the legal victory for those over 40. Cover portrait of James L. Brooks by Tom Keller. Contents photo of Brooks’ office by R. Tammariello. 40 By under the Boardwalk Julio MARtineZ How Terence Winter and company built Boardwalk Empire.

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