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“THE BEST COMEDY ABOUT AN AMERICAN FAMILY SINCE ... SINCE WHAT¿ PRECEDENTS AND GROUNDS FOR COMPARISON SEEM TO BE LACKING, SO I MAY HAVE TO LET THE SUPERLATIVE STAND UNQUALIFIED FOR NOW. Co-writers Lisa Cholodenko & Stuart Blumberg have discovered in this very modern arrangement a way of refreshing the ancient and durable wellsprings of comedy.” –A.O. Scott, INT. ALLGOOD HOUSE – THE KITCHEN Jules finds Nic pouring herself a sizable glass of wine. JULES You okay? NIC (not okay) Yeah. Fine. Jules feels her inner co-dependent swelling in her chest. JULES Go easy on the wine, hon. It’s day time. NIC Okay. And same goes for the micromanaging... BEST PICTURE BEST DIRECTOR BEST ACTRESS BEST ACTRESS ANNETTE BENING JULIANNE MOORE BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR MARK RUFFALO JOSH HUTCHERSON BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS MIA WASIKOWSKA BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY LISA CHOLODENKO & STUART BLUMBERG LISA CHOLODENKO FO R YOUR CONSIDERATION IN ALL CATEG ORIES INCL UDING Now available on Blu-Ray, DV D and on TM at iTunes.com/FocusFeatures extraordinary film, go to: www.FocusAwards2010.com For up-to-the-minute screening information and more on this

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