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SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY ISSUE VOL. X ISSUE X W ritten B y THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © This magazine is dedicated to the proposition that, in the year of Yalta and V-E Day and San Francisco, it is too late to go on ducking the brickbats which are hurled from every direction at Hollywood in general and its writers in particular. We affirm as primary convictions that the motion picture is the most important of all international cultural mediums and that the screen writer is the primary creative force in the making of motion pictures. —Dalton Trumbo, editor, The Screen Writer, June 1945 Our Back Pages 4 In the beginning was the Guild, and immediately thereafter The Screen Writers’ Magazine made its debut. A re-union of historic Guild publications, dating from 1934 to 1963. 18 Sitting across the table from the AMPTP during a watershed year that could make or break Hollywood. 22 Living on the run, afraid to return to their own home, Jean Butler, husband Hugo, and family ultimately fled to Mexico to avoid the long arm of HUAC. 26 Women not afraid to run with the wolves led to a generation of writers like Jenji Kohan. 28 Futurist Alvin Toffler talks with Neal Sperling about the ever-changing Hollywood landscape. 30 Mark Evanier’s life of writing toons. 32 A tribute to Lynn and David Angell, a couple whose lives made a difference. 34 Chuck Lorre’s clues for creating (and living) a sitcom. 36 Ron Shelton’s poetry of Bull Durham . 37 Meet the best, the brightest, the unforgettable lines and scenes as crafted by past and future hall of famers. 46 How Amos ’n’ Andy dumbed down a generation. 47 Hunter S. Thompson’s epitaph: an XXX-rated fax. WRITTEN By ONLINE! We’ve gone digital too! Read us online at www. W ritten B y .com.

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