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The “view from the ridge” shows what’s possible — and how to get there. Ridgeview Institute, a private, not-for-profit hospital treating people with addiction or mental health problems, has earned a national reputation for care and service. Since 1976 , more than 70,000 people have turned to Ridgeview in crisis, in despair, and in hope. At our quiet campus in suburban Atlanta, patients and their families find cost-effective, highest-quality treatment, grounded in the experience and compassion of our clinical leaders and staff. Through a comprehensive array of programs, we serve youth, young adults, adults, older adults, professionals who need intervention, and women affected by eating disorders or trauma. Every program at Ridgeview helps the patient acquire both the courage and the skills to begin a new life. “Ridgeview has always been my primary referral. It has a full array of excellent programs, and the staff is extremely professional.” — referring therapist 1

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