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SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 VOL. 14 ISSUE 5 Written By THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © COLUMNS 12 Take 5 by Lisa Rosen A mother-and-daughter team grow Huge. 14 The Job by Anne Rapp Just try a little harder and you too can avoid writing. COVER STORY The Secret Life of Emma Thompson 18 BY MARY MCNAMARA Emma Thompson at last reveals her hidden passion. The love that dare not speak its name? Writing. 16 The Sound and the Music BY JULIO MARTINEZ Composers get in tune with Teamsters. 26 Talent to DoNothing BY SANDRA BERG Lorenzo Semple Jr., from film writer to film critic. SPECIAL TOOLS SECTION: THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE The Do’s and Don’ts of how to write for international markets. 30 Over There Working for a foreign employer. Feel the burn with Jymn Magon, Seth Pearlman, Gerald Sanoff, Michael Tabb, and Ligiah Villalobos. DEPARTMENTS 2 Fade In 6 Writers’ Room 56 Fade Out 34 Spain — BY NEIL LANDAU 36 France — BY STEPHANIE SAVAGE 38 China — BY RENE BALCER 44 India — BY ROB FELD Cover portrait of Emma Thompson by Tom Keller. Contents artwork by R. Tammariello.

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