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I have been asked the meaning behind the name of our practice, Admira Dentistry. Years ago I sat in a lecture by one of my mentors and he spoke about finding a balance in your life. He spoke of four areas of our life to try to maintain a sense of balance: Health, Family, Spirituality and Career. I have worked to try to maintain that balance and also to help others find their balance with a primary focus on health. Admira stands for the admiration we have for our guests’ dedication to health. We have a deep appreciation for a healthy lifestyle and try to carry this over into our practice. Beyond creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy smiles, addressing signs and symptoms of TMJ disorders and sleep apnea we have a strong focus on total health. We are dedicated to assisting people with lifestyle changes, including areas of nutrition, exercise, physical and medical concerns. In dedicating our practice to this we hope to help our guests achieve a sense of Beauty -Health -Balance in their lives. Admira Dentistry Dr. Joseph Barton Dr. Barton grew up in Jacksonville Florida and received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Florida in 1986. He chose to remain in Jacksonville and has been practicing dentistry in his private practice, Admira Dentistry, for 29 years.

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