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hockey FALL/WINTER Kids Power Skating Give your child’s skating ability a boost with power skating. These programs focus on improving skating skill development. We teach and emphasize proper technique, form, speed and skill as they apply to the game of Hockey or Ringette. • Please note: Power Skating is for skaters who already have basic skating skills. If your skater is new to Hockey or Ringette, please register them in a Kids Skate program. KIDS POWER 1 (Timbits/Novice) | age 6-9 For kids in their first, second, or third year of hockey or ringette who can skate forwards, backwards, stop, and turn. We will teach skills like two-foot stops, c-cuts, tight turns, and improve balance, stride and coordination on skates. • Important: Due to the nature of this course, skaters must be able to listen well and follow the coach’s instruction. We can only accept children over the age of 6 at this time. If your child is 5, a Tots Skate class will suit them best. • This course is also suitable for older skaters who are just beginning hockey or ringette or are in house league hockey. KIDS POWER 2 (Atom/Peewee) | 9-13 years Could your player benefit from expert skating instruction to become a more efficient skater? We will break down skating skills to correct common mistakes and improve their skating technique. Each class will have a specific focus. For example: starts and stops, balance and gliding, forward stride, backward movement, transitions, turning and crossovers using inside and outside edge control. • Important info for Novice players: Second-year novice players at the 1-2 level and who have permission from the instructor may also register in this level. Other Novice players, please register in the Timbits/Novice course. Kids Hockey Play hockey for fun! Join us for a positive recreational hockey experience. These programs are for kids who are not involved in minor hockey, but still want an opportunity to play and learn about the game. Each class includes warm-up, 30-40 minutes of skill instruction, and 5-15 minutes of organized scrimmage. KIDS HOCKEY 1 | age 6-9 Is your child itching to play hockey, but you are hesitant of the commitment of minor hockey? This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn the basics of hockey in a fun environment. Skaters must be able to skate forwards and backwards, stop and turn (Kids Skate Level 2). Instructors will teach basic hockey skills like puck handling, passing, and shooting while focusing on correct stick placement and posture. KIDS HOCKEY 2 | age 7-10 Does your child want to take their basic hockey skills to the next level? Skaters must be able to skate forwards and backwards with speed, stop on both sides, and can perform basic puck handling skills. Common hockey drills are introduced, with a focus on individual skill such as hockey stance, hand positions on stick, stationary puck control, passing, shooting and individual tactics. KIDS HOCKEY 3 | age 8-12 After completing Kids Hockey 2, skaters will learn more advanced skating and hockey skills. More complex drills are covered with a focus on advanced puck handling skills, open-ice striding with and without pucks, gap control, one-touch passing and shooting, and playing strategies.   Visit our website for more details 2 or call 403.220.7749 | REGISTER TODAY

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