The American Dog Magazine Fall 2010 : Page 5

Pick Your City or Own a Dog State and Magazine 2010 IS YOUR YEAR TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS IN THE 50 BILLION DOLLAR PET INDUSTRY! i g v i n The Alburquerque Dog The Atlanta Dog The Austin Dog The Carmel Dog The Charlotte Dog The Cleveland Dog The Columbus Dog The El Paso Dog The Lake Tahoe Dog The Las Vegas Dog The Long Beach Dog The Louisville Dog The Malibu Dog The Minneapolis Dog The Monterey Dog The Napa Valley Dog The Oakland Dog The Oklahoma City Dog The Orange County Dog The Palm Springs Dog The Raleigh Dog The Saramento Dog The Santa Barbara Dog The Tallahassee Dog The Tucson Dog o ! a i t u **Introductory price includes domain name, custom built web aite, all expense paid training course, attorney fees, everything you need to know and forgot to ask about running a successful magazine and making a profit! x **Don’t see your city here, visit for a list of 200+ state or cities available k I B r o e e l e n u i s y n t d y u e o o ! t a l a a e n r s f B ce n i o g l H g l o u o u v m o f x y ! M a D j y y r l a a s ! ! E n ! v m c i i a c

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