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SUMMER 2010 VOL. 14 ISSUE 4 Columns 12 Take 5 by Matt Hoey Screenwriter Derek Haas’ night job: publishing pulp fiction online. 16 The Job by Mayo Simon The many blessings of a room without a view. 20 Film lit by Mark Haskell Smith and Millard Kaufman Summer reading requirements. 22 Tools by Dennis Palumbo A psychotherapist looks in the mirror to find his debut novel, Mirror Image. DEPARTmEnTs 4 Letters 6 Fade In 8 Writers’ Room 64 Fade Out FICTION INTO FILM A Lion at Written By 90 THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © 30 By f.x. feeney This August, Ray Bradbury’s 90th birthday will launch global celebrations. But the biggest party occurs in his hometown. After all, Bradbury is the most influential writer to ever chronicle Los Angeles. Meet our neighborhood time traveler. EXCLUSIVE: Bradbury’s unpublished story, “The Dog in the Red Bandana.” 26lady of the Canyon By Jennifer Salt How to take paints and thread, then weave a pattern all your own to color up Eat Pray Love. 40 Dutch landscape OnLInE! Meet the writers behind Characters Welcome. Read an interview with Elmore Leonard. And more, atWrittenBy. com and WGA.org. WRITTEn BY Cover illustration of Ray Bradbury by Pixar Animation artist Lou Romano. Contents image of Bradbury’s 1960 painting Halloween Tree, courtesy of Every Picture Tells A Story. Signed, limited edition Bradbury prints available at www. everypicture.com. By tom nolan The man they call Dutch is more than the best crime writer alive. Elmore Leonard’s impact on contemporary narrative is profound. Consider Out of Sight and Get Shorty and 3:10 to Yuma, or the FX series Justified, among many based on his fiction. EXCLUSIVE: Leonard’s 1978 magazine article, “Impressions of Murder.” 54stalking Red Riding Hood By DaviD Gritten Tony Grisoni embraces the dark side to craft a grim masterpiece.

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