Retailing Insight January/February 2017 | Essential Resources Issue : Cover

R etailing I nsight M agazine Inspired Advice, Meaningful Products Essential Resources Jan-Feb 2017 1 Deva Designs Deva Designs offers joyful gifts to inspire you, at prices your customers will love. Best-selling, award-winning, and beautiful. All our silver and pewter is handcrafted in the USA. 800-799-8308 | Ad on p. 17 2 1 Creative Women Creative Women blends artisanal traditions, time-honored processes, and the finest natural materials. Each hand-woven thread tells a story of culture and heritage in a timeless modern style. 717-900-1709 | Ad on p. 9 3 Coventry Creations Coventry is celebrating 25 years of making magic with our candles, oils, books, and more. Generations of magic makers love Coventry products. 800-810-3837 | Ad on p. 10 Get more Insight 2 3 Inside: 2017 trend watch | Comprehensive wholesaler directory | Instagram 101

Deva Designs

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