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“ Losing weight and getting healthy has given me so much more confi dence. I have dieted, lost weight and then gained the weight back year after year. I have been on that up and down, yo-yo diet for at least 25 years. I have lost an amazing 72 pounds in just 15 months thanks to Positive Changes. JOHN KEITH Positive Changes makes the weight loss easy…. You have nothing to lose but the weight! I am living proof that it works. BEFORE By following our program, our clients lost more than 4 lbs. on average in their fi rst 3 weeks. *Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at the Ohio State University. Martha Vazquez Positive Changes Center Owner and former Positive Changes Client To read more success stories go to POSITIVECHANGESTUCSON.COM and click on Stories. Call Now to Schedule Your FREE Consultation positivechangestucson.com 6261 N. LaCholla Blvd. Suite 151 Tucson, Arizona 85741 520-639-8299 Locally owned and independently operated “ I had tried hypnosis before but had never seen a comprehensive program like this one.

Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers

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