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In 1995, he was invited by the Royal Horticultural Society in London England to give a series of lectures at many venues around England culminating with the Ron Sidwell Memorial Lecture at Pershore Horticultural College in Pershore England. The main focus of plant breeding at Sunshine Farm & Gardens is within the genus Helleborus . He has spent the last three decades combing the Earth for new germplasm to enhance the bloodlines of his Helleborus x hybridus ‘Sunshine Selections’ strain. Virtually every species within the genus is also grown. Barry maintains more than 175,000 flowering size Hellebore stock plants on a 6 acre section of the nursery for seed production. Barry presents a 160 image powerpoint lecture about Hellebores that covers everything from history, breeding, culture and propagation. The other major primary focus at Sunshine Farm & Gardens is Native Plants. Barry has developed propagation protocols and growing regimens for many native species previously thought to be difficult to grow. His lecture “ Woodland Wonders From The Wilds ” has been presented to master gardener groups, garden clubs, horticultural societies, garden centers and civic groups in almost every state in the US and throughout England Barry’s “Speakers Portfolio” can be found at - and reviews of his presentations at -http://www. Barry Glick is a summa cum laude graduate of UHK (University of Hard Knocks).

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