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APRIL/MAY 2010 VOL. 14 ISSUE 3 Columns 6 PoV by Rene Balcer Crossing borders to show you the money. 10 Tribute “Thin line between heaven and here”: David Mills’ words live. 12 Tribute The late David Lloyd, as remembered by his son Christopher and a protégé, Rob Long. 16 Take 5 by Lisa Rosen Kate Angelo’s fertile territory. 18 The Job by Peter Lefcourt Note session maniacs. 20 Tools Neil Landau offers inspirational lessons for how to begin a writing career. Georgia Jeffries provides guidance for how to keep passion alive at the other end. Written By To Hell and THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © COVER STORY 28 By Julio Martinez For The Pacific, Bruce C. McKenna spent seven years and more than $200 million to re-create the Second World War’s western front. His band of writers included Laurence Andries, Michelle Ashford, Tom Hanks, George Pelecanos, Robert Schenkkan, and Graham Yost. Back 24 Hip-Hop Hollywood Hunger By richard Stayton A homeless Michael Elliot lived on the streets through much of his adolescence. Hip-hop saved his soul, then screenwriting became his salvation. Now it’s Just Wright. 40notes on a life of Triumph By david W. rintelS How do you celebrate a 100th birthday? Norman Corwin’s answer: write on. DEPARTmEnTs 2 Letters 4 Fade In WRiTTEN BY ONLiNE! We’ve gone digital too! Read us online at www.WrittenBy.com. Cover portrait of Bruce McKenna and Contents image of Norman Corwin’s office by Tom Keller

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