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Discover the Fastbraces Difference Today The assumption that orthodontic treatment is more about appearance has been proven wrong with studies. The correct alignment of the teeth is crucial for good dental health. Untreated orthodontic problems may contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, bone destruction, jaw joint problems and loss of teeth. In addition, uncorrected problems can adversely affect one’s speech, general health and self-esteem. Self-confidence almost always increases when a smile is improved. Some of the benefits of having orthodontic treatment: • Reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay by making it easier to clean your teeth properly. • Prevents your teeth from getting chipped or broken due to misalignment. • Prevents your teeth from being worn down prematurely or excessively. • Can reduce stress, tension and pain in the jaw, neck and face if you suffer from a misaligned jaw. • It can restore full oral function with regard to speaking, breathing and chewing. fastbraces technology an american Original since 1992 ® Elahe P. Wissinger, DMD Graduate of Boston University, Member ADA fastbraces ® Technology allows for movement of the roots of the teeth toward their final positions from the beginning of treatment by torquing them from the very first appointment. Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity from weeks to months! It has been developed and tested over the past 20 years and is now becoming available in countries around the world. fastbraces ® Technology is fast, safe, easy and affordable treatment. With the patented triangular design of the braces, cutting-edge techniques and a special heat-activated wire, this new technology is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics. Before Treatment After Treatment Call and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Wissinger — first trained provider for FASTBRACES in Tucson. Ask about our internal financing! Dental Solutions 2504 E. River Rd. EDentalSolutions.net We Accept Dental Insurance 520-745-5496 (Just East of Campbell)

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