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Rising Sun 150th celebration calendar of Events F or keeping up to date with all the celebration events, check out Cecil Soil Magazine’s website at www.cecilsoil.com, the 150th Commission’s website: www.risingsunmd.org (click on the 150th Anniversary link) and the Rising Sun Herald newspaper. Event planning is continuing but a synopsis of events is below. When possible, dates, times and locations are included. Details will be publicized as they become available. JANuAry: • Dove Valley Winery’s debut and wine-tasting of Summer Hill (Rising Sun’s original name) to commemorate the 150th anniversary. FEBruAry: • Scout month celebrating 54 years of Boys Scouts in Rising Sun • Sign-ups also began for the King & Queen Contest MArCH: • Cecil County Farm Museum will have a special celebration of Rising Sun’s agricultural contribu- tions to the community over the past 150 years. ApriL: • April 11, Time Capsule and Ribbon Cutting at Town Hall marking the beginning of the celebration • Ticket sales begin for King and Queen Contest • April 24: 1860s Music Concert by Upper Chesapeake Community Band at Janes United Methodist Church MAy: • Alumni Association is planning a special event. JuNE • June 5: SunFest, crowning of the King & Queen. • June 5: SunFest, debuting the Historical Walking Tour and the Historical Driving Tour JuLy: • July 4th weekend, Old Time Family Picnic in the town park with old-fashioned games like sack races SEpTEMBEr: • Chautauqua • Rising Sun Mile (Walk/Run event—ALL welcome) WEEk-LoNGCELEBrATioN: Sept. 25 to oct. 2 • Saturday, Sept. 25 — Parade, 9 a.m. • Saturday, Sept. 25 — Fashion show • Sunday, September 26 — Everyone is encouraged to attend the worship service of their church • Sunday, September 26, 7 p.m. Faith of Our Fathers, multi-denominational concert at Janes United Methodist Church featuring choirs from area churches and also featuring the hymns of Ola Belle Reed, performed by her son • Civil War Reenactment • Old Time Baseball Game • Youth and Tech Day • Military and Public Servant Day • Business Day • Saturday, Oct. 2—Rising Sun Gala March/April 2010 M RiSing Sun’S 150th ceLeBRation Book Let’s Make Some history together! By Ed Belote, Sr. y wife, Carol, and I are honored to have been selected to publish the Rising Sun 150th Celebration Book. It is a privilege to work with the Rising Sun 150th Celebration Commission, includ- ing Co-Chairs, Bob Lucus and Diane Ehrhart, Treasurer, Tom Mumey, Secretary, Sandi Didra, Publicity Chair, Sharon Gregory, Town Ex-Officio, Judy Cox, County Ex-Officio, Erika Quesenbery, Sylvia Justice, Kimberly Harrington, Gem McCoy, and Jim Gibney. My talented publication team includes my Co-Publisher, Carol Belote; Editor, Anna Lathrop; Creative Director, Neeley Spotts; Better Bargains Advertiser Publisher, Michele Stevenson; Circulation Manager, Ed Belote Jr.; and our writing staff of over twenty Cecil County individuals, all of whom love and admire Cecil County. We are a Rising Sun company, and our main publication, Cecil Soil Magazine is all about local history, so this project is a perfect fit for us. In fact, my wife Carol has deep historical roots in the Rising Sun area. Her great Grandmother was Addie E. Reynolds Fowler, born the daughter of Jacob and Eliza A. (McCardell) Reynolds. They were descendents of Henry Reynolds (born in England 1655) who was the third son of William Reynolds and Margaret (Exton) Reynolds. Carol was raised in Newark and has childhood memories of visiting family and Brookview Cemetery in Rising Sun with her Grandmother, Edith Eliza Fowler West. This 150th Celebration project means a great deal to her, as it does to all of us. A lot has happened in the town since the Centennial book was published in 1960. Our general plan is to devote the first 25 to 30% percent of the pages of the 150th book to the very early history of our area. The remaining pages will be about the more recent history of Rising Sun, starting about 1955 to the present time. We are going to ask the people of the area to tell their stories, to share their memories of what life was like in Rising Sun in the mid ‘50s, or perhaps their recollections in 1961 of when President Kennedy was assassinated. We’ll be asking them what the schools were like, which people they remember best, even what daily life on a farm meant in terms of chores and such. And we’ll be getting similar information from the young people in our community. I like to think of this process as “Living History”. We intend to form a team of reporters who will interview folks in the comfort of their homes. For those who want to do their own writing, wonderful! We welcome stories of about 150 words, written to a floppy disk, flash drive or sent to CSM by email. We expect to use a hundred or more of these mini stories to record the history of the town of Rising Sun from 1955 to 2010. Each contribution will be considered for publication on its own merit, and we urge people to include photos. (We reserve the right to edit all contributions for reasons of space). Many individuals will be contacted by us for their stories and some interviews will be video-taped and their movies archived for future use. Starting Sunday, March 14th, from 10 AM to 2 PM the Cecil Soil office, off Rt. 273, in the Horse Unlimited complex, will be open to accept submission. People may bring their stories, photos, letters, etc. to be scanned and immediately returned to you. We can also provide pick-up service of materials from your home, and return them the same day. The office will be manned by daring and intrepid Rising Sun Museum volunteers dressed in period costumes. The book will measure approximate- ly 8.5” X 11.5”, which is about the same size as the 1960 Centennial book. It will be constructed of heavy-duty, coated, high-gloss paper and will be “perfect bound”. There will be, of course, hundreds of old-time photos, but we hope to use many present-day photos as well. The 150 word stories will make up a good portion of the book, and we’ll also include longer stories from some of the best writers in Cecil County. The number of pages in the book will be limited only by the amount of monetary support we receive to produce it. This book will be a great read, with something in it for everybody. We are very excited to honor the people of Rising Sun through the publication of this historic book, and we want to grant as many of you as possible the credit you are due. Please, contact us, get involved and let’s make some history together! —CSM 45

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