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WHOLE WOMAN NUTRITION HEALTHY EATS GROCERY LIST We all need to eat (and grocery shop) with our overall health in mind. Rhode Island Monthly asked a local dietitian and two nutritionists to tell us which foods are essential along with simple preparation suggestions. BY LEAH KIERNAN Dairy CALCIUM FORTIFIED SOY MILK GOOD FOR: muscles, heart, bones Many people who are lactose intolerant turn to soy milk. Because of the added calcium, this drink has the same beneits as milk — plenty of calcium and protein, not to mention it contains no cholesterol, which is beneicial to those with a heart condition. TRY THIS: Add a splash of soy milk to your cofee, smoothie or oatmeal to skip the lactose and maintain healthy bones. LOW FAT CHEESE GOOD FOR: muscles, bones With a good source of calcium and protein, low-fat cheese helps keep muscles and bones healthy. TRY THIS: Lightly coat two slices of whole wheat bread with extra virgin olive oil. Spread low-fat goat cheese on both slices and add some sliced cucumbers. Toast in a heated pan until both sides are golden brown. LOW FAT MILK GOOD FOR: heart, bones bone-healthy calcium and also helps to lower your blood pressure. TRY THIS: In a blender, combine a peeled orange, vanilla, honey, low-fat milk and nonfat Greek yogurt. Add ice and blend until smooth. LOW FAT YOGURT GOOD FOR: heart, digestion Probiotics help with digestive health, proteins for muscular health and potassium for heart health. TRY THIS: Create a tasty breakfast parfait with some low-fat yogurt, fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Sprinkle a tablespoon of granola on top for extra crunch. KEFIR GOOD FOR: bones, digestion Fats AVOCADO GOOD FOR: heart, skin, prenatal care, preventive care Healthy fats in an avocado help lower cholesterol while folates help during pregnancy and with cell regeneration. Vitamin B helps prevent infection and the combina-tion of vitamins is beneicial to skin. TRY THIS: Mash an avocado up and mix with fresh salsa, lemon juice and salt to create your own guacamole. NUTS GOOD FOR: heart, digestion, mental TRY THIS: Cut up some carrot sticks and dunk them in olive oil-rich hummus. PEANUTS GOOD FOR: skin, eyes, prenatal care Peanuts have high folate levels and are especially good for pregnant women. They also contain vitamin E for your skin and eyes. TRY THIS: Add peanuts to soup or toss them in a wok with stir-fried vegetables. WALNUTS GOOD FOR: heart, mental health Vitamin D helps your body absorb Your bones and teeth will beneit from this phosphorus-rich drink. There’s also plenty of calcium for bone health and probiotics that keep your digestive tract healthy. TRY THIS: Beat together eggs and sugar, then add keir, cream and some vanilla. For extra lavor, add ingredients like honey, dark chocolate or fresh strawberries. Transfer to an ice cream machine and freeze. health, weight management Pistachios, almonds and cashews are nuts that have healthy fats and are good for brain function and your heart, while iber helps with digestion and feeling less hungry. TRY THIS: Toss some nuts in a summer salad or top your toast with some almond butter and honey. OLIVE OIL GOOD FOR: heart, skin, eyes Healthy fatty acids help regulate cholesterol, vitamin E helps with skin and eyes and vitamin K helps with blood clotting. High in omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts help lower blood pressure. TRY THIS: Rather than using walnuts to top an ice cream sundae, add some to homemade trail mix. Fruits APPLES GOOD FOR: heart, digestion Potassium and vitamin C help keep a heart healthy and an apple’s high iber level promotes digestive health. TRY THIS: Whisk together plain low-fat yogurt, dill, honey mustard, salt, pepper and olive oil. Add sliced apples, grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, ➳ 100 WHOLE WOMAN l RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY 2016

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