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WHOLE WOMAN 98 General Health Say What You Really Mean! A communica-tion expert explains how to present yourself with conidence and fearlessness. What’s Normal? It's easy to get wrapped up in worrying about if your period is normal. An ob-gyn answers your questions. RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY’S GUIDE TO A WOMAN’S HEALTH AND WELL-BEING 100 Nutrition Eat Healthy Grocery List. A local nutritionist and two dietitians o er their healthy food suggestions and recipe inspiration for your next trip to the grocery store. 104 Body & Fitness Survey Says…. How healthy is Rhode Island? Read the results of our annual online survey and ind out. 106 The Social Movement Women in Rhode Island are discovering the key to a successful workout lies not in how you sweat but who you sweat with. WHOLE WOMAN l RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY 2016 97

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