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Q For Your Skinformation. I have heard about the treatment called “Kybella” to help with a double chin. It sounds really great, and I am curious how long the results last? Q A Kybella ® is the FDA-approved medication which is injected into the double chin, dissolving the unwanted fat there and resulting in an improved contour. Once Kybella® destroys a fat cell, it is gone permanently. As we have more experience with the product that was FDA approved in 2015 we are treating our patients every 3 months and fi nding patients do very well with even 1-2 treatments depending on their baseline fullness under their chin. You can wait as long as you wish between treatments without losing out on fi nal results. Watch for Skin Spectrum to share our Kybella ® experience with Town and Country in December! My skin is looking dull and just not as good as it used to, despite the fact that I take very good care of it and am diligent about wearing sunscreen. I’ve thought about having a laser treatment or chemical peel, but in my job I deal with the public, and I cannot go to work with a red or peeling face. Is there a treatment that would improve my skin without noticeable healing? It sounds as though you take excellent care of your skin, but there comes a point where we must go beyond creams and sunscreen to bring out the best in our skin. A favorite treatment is the Clear + Brilliant® laser, a gentle procedure that creates smoother, more radiant skin with practically no visible signs of healing. Often patients do this well-established treatment the same day as fi llers or simply for a well-priced pick-me-up for their skin. Clear + Brilliant ® is an approved treatment for all skin types. A © 2014 Skin Spectrum ® Jody Comstock, M.D. Tina Pai, M.D. 520.797.8885 6127 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 101 skinspectrum.com

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