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Dr. Jami Chisdak Dr. Shaun Gillis Dr. Melissa Casper Dr. Melissa Augustyn O bs t e t ri c s PreGnant? call 556-5150. we’ve GOt time tO deliver. | Gy necOlOGy | Having your baby with Bozeman Deaconess Women’s Specialists means you’ll enjoy empathy every step of the way. Our doctors incOntinenc e | inf er tilit y | P elv ic Pain naturally appreciate what you’re experiencing, so they all work extra hard to make your experience a better one. We deliver for you. | U rO Gy necO lO Gy WOMEN’S SPECIALISTS Highland Health Park | p. 406 556 5150 | 905 Highland Boulevard, Suite 4440 | Mark Hodgson, MD Pepper Henyon, MD Medical as sociat e s 406-587-5123 935 Highland Blvd., suite 2200 medicalassociates James Feist, MD Juliet Hansen, MD W e c a l l i t b e d s i d e m a n n e r .   fter four decades in Gallatin Valley, Medical Associates has learned a thing or two about caring for kids. For instance, our board-certified pediatricians are accomplished physicians, up to date with all the latest treatment techniques, technology, and training. But, more important, they have a special connecti with kids. From helping them relax, to making them March 010 • comfortable, even joking around and goofing off, their love for little ones shows. Medical Associates. We’re big enough, and experienced to give kids the care they need—but we’ll never ow caring for kids. Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to m. or until all our patients go home. Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to oon. Same-day and walk-in appointments available. Charleen McInnis, MD    

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