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W elcome to B eautiful f eet B ooks 2016 -17 c atalog ! D ear Friends of Beautiful Feet, Practical Homeschooling Magazine As we embark on our 31st year at Beautiful Feet Books, Reader Awards received in History, we look to the future eagerly. We hope to continue providing Literature, Unit Studies, Geography and Music Appreciation! excellent resources for home educators for many years to come. In order to do this we are committed to improving our existing studies, introducing new studies, and bringing back into print more classic children’s literature for new readers. The republication of forgotten books has been one of our hallmarks. Since the early days of Beautiful Feet Books, when our founder Rea Berg began printing California Study Guides for friends, we have aimed to provide books and curriculum with the purpose of instilling in young people a love and fascination with learning. This has always been our motivation and end-goal. Learning, and specifically learning history, should be enjoyable. Students should thus feel interested and invested in the great books they hear read aloud at a young age. This is not a subject that should be weighed down by rote memorization and the clutter of busywork. Reading great literature together as a family shows children the importance of story—of learning the amazing stories of those who came before us. Our approach to history is not for the faint-of-heart. You will not get a “check the box” curriculum from us. For those willing to put the textbook and workbooks aside and take a different approach, the results can be wonderful. No longer will history be a dull, boring, dead subject. You and your students will journey through literature to Egypt at the time of the pharaohs, to the drafting of the Magna Charta, to the battlefields of colonial America as General Washington’s troops claimed victory over the British, and to a divided Berlin as President Reagan delivered his “Tear Down This Wall!” speech. History comes alive when students can relate their own experiences with those of historical figures. The books we hand-pick for each study are written by authors expertly skilled at capturing a student’s imagination. Let our study guides and literature choices do what they have done for tens of thousands of students—help each develop a fondness for reading and learning. Our guides will outline each study for you while allowing flexibility to accommodate all types of learners. Add or subtract at will or stick to each outlined lesson. Dive into any of our History Through Literature studies and see how much your students, and you, will learn! 1 | 800-889-1978

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