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STRATEGERY! Strategy or course management. Either way, pack your thinking caps into your golf bag along with your range finder. Let’s go play! Rock Harbor Golf Course is the kind of course you hoped your game could match. For those of you who have grown accustomed to the mundane, the average, the uneventful, we challenge you to come and play Rock Harbor. Two 18-hole courses to delight and provoke. The latest edition is called the Boulder Course where the layout of each hole played is a testament to golf. From the teeing ground you’re presented with possibilities. Each hole asks you to THINK (oh my, what a concept) as to where you’re tee ball should land in order to better posi tion your approach, or in some cases, to better position your 2nd shot so that your 3rd and thusly your approach to the green would be advantageous. Our greens, though receptive by design, also strongly recommend that your approach be on the correct side of the flagstick in order for your flat stick to work as it should. There are detractors, of course. Those that say that these greens are a bit unfair may be unwilling to push their playing aptitude to the fullest. Isn’t this the reason we’ve taken up the sport? Isn’t it so that no matter the level of achievement, we strive for the perfect? Don’t we want to get better at a game we so love? Don’t we all want to make that stroke, ever so crisp that comes to rest on a straight line just below the hole? Don’t we all stand over a ball just off the fairway, envision the ball flight on its way to its intended target and mindfully exclaim, “I got this shot!” The beauty of this game is that your skill level allows for growth. It presents to you varying layouts via the plethora of golf courses around the globe. Well sir, we’ve tried to capture that for you over 36 holes right here in Winchester, Virginia. Further, with six sets of tees and nine pin placements, you would be hard pressed to find more variety in course play on one property. Thus, beckoning you to come and play Rock Harbor over and over again. Please, also do not forget the Rock Course that offers its own set of ponderments. Play one, play two. Mundane?! Not hardly! We’ll see you soon. Go to & take our virtual tour.

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