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ARE YOU AT RISK? Elahe P. Wissinger, DMD Graduate of Boston University, Member ADA Many of the risk factors for gum disease are the same as those for heart disease, such as tobacco use, poor nutrition and diabetes. Overall, people who have chronic gum disease are at higher risk for heart attack, according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). Gum disease (called gingivitis in the early stages and periodontal disease in the late stages) is caused by plaque buildup along and below the gumline. Some researchers have suggested that gum disease may contribute to heart disease because bacteria from infected gums can dislodge, enter the bloodstream, attach to the blood vessels and increase clot formation. It has also been suggested that inflammation caused by gum disease may also trigger clot formation. Clots decrease blood flow to the heart, thereby causing an elevation in blood pressure and increasing the risk of heart attack. Research shows that many systemic diseases — including heart disease — have oral symptoms. Dentists can help patients who have a history of heart disease by examining them for any signs of oral pain, infection or inflammation. According to the AGD, proper diagnosis and treatment of tooth and gum infections for some of these patients have led to a decrease in blood pressure medications and improved overall health. If you currently have heart disease, make sure to tell your dentist about your condition as well as any medications you are currently taking. Remember to carefully follow your physician’s and dentist’s instructions about healthcare, and use any prescription medications, such as antibiotics, as directed. – Delta Dental Achieve the look you’ve always wanted in weeks! Fast, Easy and Simple! FASTBRACES Technology An American Original Since 1992 ® • FAST – treatment time that is measured in WEEKS instead of years as with traditional orthodontics! • EASY – retainers for only 15-20 minutes a day • QUALITY – The original, certifi ed by the Inventor and made in the U.S. • SIMPLE – Almost always Non-Extraction treatment • FOR TEENS AND ADULTS! 2504 E. River Rd. (Just East of Campbell) Dental Solutions EDentalSolutions.net We Accept Dental Insurance 520-745-5496

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