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SERVICE DOGS | | Continued from page 6 OF THE P ERSONALIZED P HAR MACY S OLUT IONS is the smart and simple solution to medication management. 1057 Mineral Spring Ave., North Providence, RI 02904 Phone: (401) 726-6200 • Fax: (401) 351-5902 H OME www.whitecrosspharmacy.com A er surgery, get back on your feet in style! Our NEW Rehab Wing Features: • Elegant private rooms with private bathroom and shower • Complimentary cable TV and Wi-Fi • Unit lounge and library • Elegant private family event room • Superb comprehensive rehabilitation services • Hundreds of caring hands to help get you back on your feet and back to your life. the dog open and close doors in Levine’s apartment and handicapped-accessible doors in public buildings, she tugs down on clothes with front zippers so that Levine can zip them up one-handed. “You don’t want to ask someone to zip your jacket for you. Juno’s help makes me feel like an adult,” says Levine, who shares a spa-cious apartment with her widowed father in Cranston. She now enjoys long walks with Juno, a black Labrador and golden retriever mix, whose presence provides comfort in public settings. Not only does Juno shield Levine’s left side from crowds and obstructions, people ask more about Juno and less about her arm. Service dogs, like Park and Juno, offer their clients valuable social interactions, greater independence and client-centric help. They alert deaf or hearing-impaired individuals to the source of sounds, they open and close doors, turn lights on and off, and retrieve and carry ob-jects for individuals with physical disabilities or prosthetics. Unlike service dogs, which can be trained to fulfill myriad duties, guide dogs do just that: They guide blind indi-viduals. Paul Molloy was born with Usher syndrome, which causes hearing loss or | | Continued on page 10 We’re here for you! • Family owned and operated since 1975 262 Poplar Street, Woonsocket, RI 02895 401.765.2100 www.WoonsocketHealthCentre.com 8 Rhode Island Monthly | Guide to Health and Wellness 2016 Anthony Iannone, a resident of Elmhurst Extended Care, with DJ PPAT student Madlyn Waskiewicz and her dog, Tuka. Photo by Rachel Czephya.

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