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Your Health. Your Wellness. » Humane Coalition (Windwalker), the cre-dentialing and professional organization that arose out of DJ PPAT, has credentialed many dogs, including mixed breeds and even pit bulls, as well as cats, bunnies and a mini-horse, as therapy animals. Vanauden-hove is president emeritus and a current member of Windwalker. The DJ PPAT certificate program, which includes a course taught on the CCRI War-wick campus, addresses PAT ethics, DJ PPAT’s history and philosophy; “hands-on, paws-on” experiences, with exposure to the typical sights, sounds, smells and environments of typical PAT visits; a men-torship and an internship. After success-fully completing DJ PPAT’s three courses or a complementary program, says Vana-udenhove, individuals and their pets may apply for Windwalker credentialing and Windwalker membership for individuals. “There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing your beloved pet so happy while bringing joy to others and seeing that joy reflected in the client’s face,” says Vanaudenhove. SERVICE DOGS In South Kingstown, Courteous Canine’s Touching Tails is a multi-session pet ther-apy class, with a prerequisite: Interested individuals must complete a course, online or at Tufts University, addressing privacy and confidentiality issues, and general responsibilities of being a dog handler, says Karen Perusek, owner of Courteous Canine, which also offers other classes for dogs. By training dogs to respond consis-tently to several commands and to ignore other dogs, loud noises, wheelchairs, re-straining hugs and other distractions, Touching Tails prepares the dogs to work in PAT. At the conclusion of the Touching Tails course, the dog/human team must pass tests to be certified to offer PAT. “People…with [PAT] dogs are willing to attempt to do things [in occupational or physical therapy] that they wouldn’t necessarily do otherwise,” says Perusek, who holds a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis from Simmons Col-lege and several additional dog-training certifications. “They’re not being judged by the dogs.” Rene Demers, a resident of Eleanor Slater Hospital/Zamba-rano Unit in Burrillville, with Cynthia Vanaudenhove’s dog, Guinevere. Photo by Cynthia Vanaudenhove. ADVER TISEMENT PK Walsh: Restoring Hair... Nikki Walsh started losing her hair at age 21. “I always had thick, long, beautiful hair and although my mother had hair loss, I never thought it would happen to me.” And sadly, Nikki isn’t alone — up to one-third of American women will suffer with the devastating social stig-ma that is female hair loss. In 1983, inspired by her own battle, Nikki’s mother, Kathy Walsh, cofounded PK Walsh Hair Solutions for Women. She recognized the need for a place that could offer hope by helping women look and feel better. A specialty salon focused on just that, PK Walsh offers numerous options and products to help with hair restoration... slows hair loss by stimulating red blood cells in the scalp. Hair appears fuller and thicker. LASER LIGHT HAIR REJUVENATION Restoring Lives. MICRO POINT LINK TM instantly adds volume by tying a strand of Cyber-hair ® , which splits into four once washed, onto a strand of your hair. MASKING PRODUCTS minimize the help to reduce shedding and slow hair loss. PK Walsh offers minoxidil-free products that help improve hair quality. HOLISTIC RESTORATION PRODUCTS << Nikki Walsh, PK Walsh President, shown after laser light hair rejuvenation and great lengths tm hair extensions. Above: Nikki, before her solutions. .......................................................... appearance of the scalp and give the impression of thicker hair. PK Walsh President, Nikki shares, “We are all about helping women restore their beauty, wellness and self esteem . We help them regain the freedom to enjoy life again.” TM A state-of-the-art hair replacement salon focused on women’s non-surgical hair restoration, PK Walsh offers respect and privacy in a safe environment. Serving New England as well as traveling clients, PK Walsh provides comprehensive analysis & treatment options. PROUDLY SERVING RHODE ISLAND CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN NEEDHAM, MA 800 624 4335 :: PKWALSH.COM Rhode Island Monthly | Guide to Health and Wellness 2016 11

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