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Skating Registration opens Dec 9 Kids Skate 1-4 (6-12 years) Get your kids off to the right start. They will discover the joy of skating on the ”World’s Fastest Ice”. Our sequential program will have your kids doing ‘loopty loops’ and power moves in no time. Not 6 yet? Check out our Tots Skate classes, they’re specifically designed for the development and instruction of preschoolers. 9:45am -10:30am Jan 9 -Mar 12 $94 Sat 11:20am -12:05pm 1:00pm -1:45pm 2:25pm -3:10pm Jan 10 -Mar 13 Jan 14 -Mar 17 Sun Thu 9:35am -10:20am 4:50pm -5:35pm 5:40pm -6:25pm $110 Tots Skate (3-5 years) Encourage your child’s love of skating early. Starting at age 3, Tots Skate is divided into 3 levels to suit your child’s ability. Your child will learn fundamental skating skills by having fun! Our certified coaches use a variety of teaching aids to challenge and amuse kids during their lessons. 8:35am -9:05am 9:10am -9:40am Jan 9 -Mar 12 Sat 10:45am -11:15am 12:10pm -12:40pm 1:50pm -2:20pm Jan 10 -Mar 13 Jan 14 -Mar 17 Sun Thu 9:00am -9:30am 4:15pm -4:45pm ICETOTS YSTS100 First timer? Help your child discover skating. With a parent, kids will learn how to balance, fall down and get up, walk forwards and backwards while having fun and playing games. Parents who are not confident or competent on skates may wear shoes on the ice until skaters can move around on their own. To preserve ice cleanliness they must be clean, indoor shoes. KIDS SKATE 1 YSKS100 New skaters or those moving on from Tots Skate will enjoy this introductory lesson. Grouped according to ability, they will learn how to move forwards, backwards, stop and glide with balance. KIDS SKATE 2 YSKS200 For Kids Skate 1 graduates, skaters will improve existing skills and learn new ones like t-pushes, bubbles and skating with more speed. KIDS SKATE 3 YSKS300 Have you passed Kids Skate 2? Emphasis in this level is backwards skating and stopping. Skaters will also learn how to turn from forwards to backwards and glide on a curve. KIDS SKATE 4 YSKS400 Kids will learn how to do more advanced skills like crossovers, c-cuts, 3-turns, and edge control. This level is for those who have passed Kids Skate 3 or equivalent. KINDERSKATE YSTS200 For kids who can fall down and get up, balance, and skate forwards all by themselves, this level is for kids who do not need a parent to help them and have passed Icetots. With the help of one of our fun instructors, skaters will take the next steps and learn how to glide on one foot, skate forwards and backwards with glide, and stop with balance. ICECRACKER YSTS300 Sharpen your skating skills! If your child has passed Kinderskate, he/she will continue to develop their skills with other eager skaters as they learn skills like bubbles, skating forwards and backwards with speed, and gliding on one foot with balance. BOWNESS PARK! We can create a school or corporate outdoor skating experience for you at newly renovated Bowness Park. Email for details! REGISTER | ACTIVELIVING.UCALGARY.CA/KIDS • (403) 220-7749 3

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