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DECEMBER 2009/JANUARY 2010 VOL. 14 ISSUE 1 Columns 8 The Job by Mayo Simon Was the fabled Golden Age of Television real or fool’s gold? 14 Tools by Josh Olson Santa Claus better not ask this writer to read his script. 20 next by Charles B. Slocum Words of web wisdom for the FCC. DEPARTmEnTs 4 Letters 6 Fade In 56 In Memoriam WrittenBy The THE MAGAZINE OF THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA, WEST © Numbers Player 22 By F.X. FEEnEy In The Player, Michael Tolkin defined the public’s perception of the screenwriter, thanks to knowledge gathered during a lifetime in Hollywood. Now Tolkin’s adapted Federico Fellini’s masterpiece 8 ½into the musical Nine, once again shaping how we define the industry. 34 Victoria & Albert & me By julian FEllowEs Everything you never knew about Queen Victoria’s adolescence. Finally, a true love story for the ages, told by a Royal Family insider.We are amused. 40 A Few Good Hurt Locker lessons By mark Boal After 9/11, a heartbroken journalist transformed into a screenwriter. His rebirth came with pain—from losing a high school buddy when the towers fell. Then came Baghdad and In the Valley of Elah. Plus, Cover portrait of Michael Tolkin by Tom Keller Contents image from 8 ½(1963) WRITTEN By ONlINE! We’ve gone digital too! Read us online at www.WrittenBy.com.

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