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Brussels sprouts Just one serving of Brussels sprouts and you’ve met your daily requirement of vitamins C and K. These green veggies also provide fiber, reduce cholesterol and keep your digestive system working smoothly. Other nutrients include protein, iron and potassium. ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS wiTh POMEGRANATE, YOGURT AND SOY ViNAiGRETTE From Chef Jake Rojas of Tallulah on Thames Brussels Sprouts 1 ½ pounds Brussels sprouts, trimmed and cut in half ¼ cup grapeseed oil 2 tsp fennel pollen, divided kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper Soy Vinaigrette ¼ cup light soy sauce ¼ cup Sherry De Jerez vinegar 2 Tbsp agave nectar Yogurt ½ cup Greek yogurt 2 Tbsp honey Garnish ½ cup cilantro leaves 1 lime 1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Place Brussels sprouts in a bowl and toss with oil, 1 tsp fennel pollen, salt and pepper. On a sheet pan lined with foil, spread in an even layer including all the loose leaves. Roast the Brussels sprouts for twenty to thirty minutes until tender, then switch oven to broil and cook till slightly charred and crispy. 2. For vinaigrette, combine all vinaigrette ingredients in a bowl and whisk. Remove Brussels sprouts from the oven and drizzle with the soy vinaigrette. Toss. 3. In a small bowl, mix yogurt and honey till desired sweetness. 4. In a small serving dish, add Brussels sprouts tossed in the soy vinaigrette, drizzle yogurt over top, sprinkle with Pomegranate seeds and garnish with cilantro leaves, remaining fennel pollen and lime juice. Serve. WHOLE WOMAN l RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY 2015 109

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