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The Trail Guide Fall 2015 : Page 3

Sign Up For Scouting is here! We need to make sure that every boy has the opportunity to Sign up For Scouting and we have a great plan to do it this year. We have been looking around the country looking for what works and what doesn’t. I believe we have a great plan that will help each and every unit not only have a successful recruiting effort, but will make it much more easy on the unit leaders and the parents coming into the program. A couple of the changes are: 1. Open House -Instead of a unit leader standing up in front of the group and giving a speech, we have made it easier by making it an open-house type recruitment. 2. Uniform – a. New Parents can be intimidated by walking into a room with every other adult in full uniform, we are asking unit leaders to wear a pack t-shirt to the sign up so it is a little less daunting. b. New uniforms for new scouts can be expensive so we have included the cost of a Cub Scout t-shirt into the Package Deal. This eases the parents into the program while still giving the New Scouts a sense of belonging. For $35 a New Scout receives: i. A Cub Scout T-Shirt from the Scout Shop (9.99) ii. Registration through February iii. Boys Life through February iv. Rank specific Handbook 3. Unit Resources – Including training guides and parent guides that walk a parent through the New Cub Scout program and introduces them to the scouting program. Those are a few of the changes that are being implemented as a part of the New Sign up for Scouting Plan. We need your help though, nothing in Scouting is successful if only one or two people are working on it. We need your help with: 1. Please contact your District Field Executive to schedule your Sign-up Night and your Field Executive will go into the schools to talk to the kids and hand out fliers. 2. Attend your School Open Houses to talk directly to the parents. 3. Take part in Fall Festival parades. 4. Distribute Peer-to-Peer Cards to your existing Scouts so they can invite new scouts to the next meetings. 5. Participate in the Adopt-a-School program. If you would like more information regarding the Sign up for Scouting plan, how you can help or anything else, please feel free to contact me or you can find more information regarding the membership recruitment campaign by Clicking Here. Ryan Heikes | Field Director P 316-491-2228 | C 316-737-6608 3

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