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Q A For Your Skinformation. I just heard about a medication called Kybella ™ , which treats double chins without having plastic surgery. It sounds too good to be true – does it really work? Q A Kybella ™ won FDA approval four months ago, and it is the fi rst medication to be approved for the treatment of “submental fat,” the medical term for a double chin. Small amounts of Kybella ™ are injected into the area to dissolve the fat cells. Each treatment takes just a few minutes, and patients may experience some swelling for a few days, but the treatment that has already been performed on thousands of patients and has had signifi cant patient satisfaction. Results from treatment are seen within the fi rst month of the injection. I had a consultation for CoolSculpting ® to fl atten my tummy bulge. They looked at me and said I should also treat my sides and back, but those areas aren’t very chubby and don’t bother me at all. I felt that they were recommending unnecessary procedures – am I correct? Sometimes a patient just needs a little CoolSculpting ® on the tummy. However, in many cases we also recommend treating additional areas in order to sculpt a beautiful waistline. This is called “Treatment to Transformation,” and we fi nd that patients are much happier with their new body contour using this comprehensive approach. Jody Comstock, M.D. Tina Pai, M.D. Faiyaaz Kalimullah, M.D. © 2014 Skin Spectrum ® 520.797.8885 6127 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 101 skinspectrum.com

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