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Su mm er GU id e Rescue Dog Wrangel AS TOLD TO JEN MCCAFFERY SUMMER PASSION Wrangel is definitely a Coast Guard dog, though he’s extremely scared of the water. If you’re up early along the Bristol wa-terfront, you’ll see the part retriever run-ning alongside members of the Aids to Navigation Team, a thirteen-member crew based in a house on Thames Street. They’re responsible for the maintenance of light-houses, buoys and other nautical appara-tus in Narragansett Bay. Wrangel sleeps in a bed in Executive Petty Offi cer Joe Gree-ley’s offi ce. But he wasn’t always an East Bay resi-dent. In 2013, Wrangel found himself in an overcrowded kennel in South Carolina, where he faced the prospect of euthanasia. He was rescued as part of the Potter League for Animals’ Fetching Friends Transport Program, however, and brought to the or-ganization’s shelter in Middletown. | | CONTINUED ON PAGE 23 By August of Field of Dreams GAME: Players on two teams compete to toss balls closest to a smaller ball, known as the pallina. Strategies include knocking the other team’s ball away from the pallina. WHERE TO PLAY: Backyards, downtown Provi-dence. FUN FACT: Began in the Roman Empire, later popularized in Italy. Modern team names include Fahgetabocce and Mission Imbocceball. Sure, badminton’s great, but there are plenty of options for fun on the grass (or the pavement, for that matter). connected by a Bocce Croquet GAME: Players hit balls with wooden mallets through hoops or wickets to earn points. WHERE TO PLAY: Backyards, the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, the Ocean House in Watch Hill. FUN FACT: White collared shirts are preferred attire in rareied atmospheres. Kubb GAME: Players on opposing teams throw batons at wooden blocks to knock them down, and eventually win the game by toppling the king. Also known as “Viking chess.” WHERE TO PLAY: Backyards, open ields. FUN FACT: Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has declared itself the Kubb capital of America. string) at the ladders and earn points when the bolas get suspended on a rung of the ladder. WHERE TO PLAY: Backyards, tailgates. FUN FACT: Also known as Lasso Golf and Norwegian Golf. GAME: Two teams throw bags illed with corn onto a raised platform, earning three points by sinking it in the hole in the middle and one point if the bag remains on the platform. WHERE TO PLAY: Backyards, parking lots, patio of your watering hole of choice. FUN FACT: The game allegedly began with people tossing pig bladders illed with dried beans. 12 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY Ladder Golf GAME: Two teams set up two ladders, then toss three bolas (two balls GAME: Invented in Finland, it’s a throwing game where players use a wooden pin (the molkky) to knock over smaller numbered wooden pins (skittles) for points. A cross between bowling and bocce. WHERE TO PLAY: Backyards, Nordic countries. FUN FACT: Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make your own set. l SUMMER GUIDE 2015 WRANGEL PHOTOGRAPH, BOB O'CONNOR. Cornhole Molkky

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