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BUCKET LIST: MCCOY STADIUM The PawSox may be leaving Pawtucket, but McCoy Stadium holds a special place in the hearts of many. Bill Wanless, the PawSox’s public relations director, and Rico Vota, a spokesman for Pawtuck-et Mayor Don Grebien, helped us compile a list of great things you can do at McCoy this summer: Check out the artwork. Murals and framed photos around the stadium feature about 100 players who got their start at McCoy before getting called up to the majors, including Hall of Famers Carlton Fisk, Wade Boggs and Jim Rice. Label Love Narragansett Beer’s Del’s Shandy Local brewers put a lot of thought into their beer branding. Check out what we’re sipping (and staring at) this summer. By Jamie Coelho one of our daughters,” says co-owner Jennifer Brinton. “It is a itting name as we are a family brewery and our branding is nautical…after all, we are in the Ocean State.” 1 THE BREW: A refreshing mash-up of Narragansett’s lager and the tart lemon extract from iconic Del’s Frozen Lemonade. THE DESIGN: “Generations of tourists and locals grew up with Del’s, so there was no better way to communicate what we were doing than with that cup,” says president Mark Hellendrung. “The most authentic thing to do was to stay true to the heritage, and not overcomplicate things.” Revival Brewing Company’s Night Swim’ah THE BREW: The o icial beer of Block Island’s ConserFest, the Belgian-style wheat ale is lavored with bitter orange peel, coriander, natural raspberries and hopped with Citra hops. THE DESIGN: Brewmaster Sean Larkin “spent a lot of his youth working on Block Island, and one of its trademarks is the locals going night swimming in the summer. It's freeing, refresh-ing and traditional, all which we wanted the beer to represent,” says label designer AJ Paglia. “The colors convey the setting sun on a summer dusk. The subtle shark reference is Sean and me being typical nerds of Jaws. ” Foolproof Brewing Company’s Backyahd IPA THE BREW: Backyahd combines an American West Coast IPA with an English-style IPA to produce a balanced brew that’s not too hoppy. THE DESIGN: “The grill icon on the front of the can is an obvious homage to barbecuing, which was the experience we had in mind when we developed the recipe for Backyahd,” says president and founder Nick Garrison. 2 3 Have your kid get pointers from some of the best. One Saturday afternoon a month from May through August, kids can attend a free clinic led by PawSox players from 2 3:15 p.m. Proclamation Ale Company’s Derivative THE BREW: A Galaxy-hopped pale ale brewed with small amounts of Citra and Columbus hops. “It’s a really good beer, but if you read the copy on the back it’s sort of making fun of itself,” says owner Dave Witham. THE DESIGN: “The design on the front is the same hop cone done over and over again, and it looks slightly di erent, but essentially it’s the same thing,” says Witham. “It’s a perspective on the brewing scene and how breweries are all brewing with a crap ton of hops because that’s what people are into.” 4 Go ishing. Rinse out a two-liter soda bottle or milk jug, attach it to a string and put a baseball or piece of paper with a pen inside. Then dangle it over the PawSox dugout to get an autograph from a player. Round the bases. After every Sunday afternoon home game, you can run around the diamond. It’s supposed to be for kids, but ninety-year-old nuns have been known to steal some bases. Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island’s Captain’s Daughter Double IPA THE BREW: An Imperial India pale ale brewed with pilsner malt, laked oats and Mosaic hops with a strong aroma and lavor of tropical and stone fruits. THE DESIGN: “The face of the girl on the ship is modeled after STEAMERS PHOTOGRAPH, ANGEL TUCKER. 5 Savor the ireworks. Come for the night game, then stay for the ireworks at McCoy, especially on July 2 and 3. Go to rimonth.ly/june_2015 to watch a behind the scenes video at McCoy stadium. George’s of Galilee BY AMY DERJUE SUMMER PASSION I was four years old when my family decided to take a ride to George’s of Galilee in my mother’s new 1985 Ford Escort. It was the fi rst brand-new car she had ever owned. As we drove from Ex-eter to Galilee, I got carsick, soaking the well of the backseat as my father pulled to a stop outside Sunset Farm. My mother tersely told my father to head home. I insisted I felt fi ne, and that I was ready to head to the restaurant. My parents were unconvinced. That was t he f irst trip — or at least at-tempt — that I can recall. But George’s of Galilee must’ve struck a chord, enough for me to demand that we visit even after being physically ill. I remember the dining room from those days, dark and wood-paneled, and if I behaved during the meal, the excitement of being able to choose a toy from a huge treasure chest, brimming with | | CONTINUED ON PAGE 22 cheap trinkets. RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY l SUMMER GUIDE 2015 11

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