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Su mm er GU id e MENU For recipes, see page 27. RAW BAR Host Your Own Clambake ♦ Native littleneck clams and a variety of local oysters (twelve to ifteen of each) and eighteen to twenty-four chilled cocktail shrimp, presented on a bed of crushed ice and seaweed. Serve them with spicy cocktail sauce, horseradish, fresh lemon and wasabi melon mignonette (see recipe). Bring the beach to your backyard for a party of eight to ten people with this menu and recipes from Middletown’s Blackstone Caterers. TIPS: ➥ Shop locally: Go to your local ish house and farmers market to make the most of what’s in season. (Hint: Strawberries are great in June.) ➥ To keep it casual, pick furniture that’s already in your house, such as a round dining table as a chowder station. Use garden chairs for seating, or rent tables and linens to make it easier. ➥ Pick lowers from your own yard and place them in vases on the tables. ➥ Set up the raw bar for guests as they arrive. ➥ Rather than having the bu et on all one table, break it up so the chowder is on one table, the dessert is on a separate little table and the bar is in another area so the guests are not all in the same place at one time. Spread them out in your backyard. ➥ Set up separate tables for lemonade and cucumber water and beer and wine and make them self-service. Del’s Shandy and a nice, crisp rosé pair well with the menu. ➥ Use smaller containers, such as Le Creuset Cookware with a little burner underneath, to keep dishes like chowder warm and add a punch of color. 10 RHODE ISLAND MONTHLY NEW ENGLAND CLAM BAKE ♦ Native steamers with drawn butter and broth (see recipe) ♦ Eight to ten 1 ¼-pound boiled New England lobsters, with drawn butter and fresh lemon ♦ Roasted local new potatoes with sea salt and fresh dill ♦ Grilled chourico and onions with petite rolls ♦ Fresh native corn on the cob ♦ New England clam chowder ♦ Strawberries, raspberries, shaved red onion, crumbled chevre, toasted almonds over spinach and arugula with vanilla honey vinaigrette (see recipe) ♦ Herbed corn bread DESSERT STATION ♦ Berry shortcake bar: homemade biscuits, fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with vanilla-infused whipped cream and fresh mint. ♦ Co ee, deca einated co ee and hot tea. l SUMMER GUIDE 2015

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