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IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES l CITYSCAPE June Volume 70 I No. 12 20 14 10 Gender balance project’s Talent Bank An online database, the Talent Bank, is working to ensure cities have many leaders ready to help shape their local communities. Iowa fiscal conditions in brief A snapshot of recent fiscal trends in Iowa which shows how cities are responding to financial challenges and changing fiscal conditions. The cost of information Learn more about the process one city uses for re-sponding to all open meetings, open records requests. The true cost Conducting life cycle cost analysis for water and wastewater treatment facilities can result in lower cost, higher quality projects. Protected bike lanes Protected bike lanes are popping up in cities around the country. Learn more about this new transportation option. I’m in charge of what? Few city officials joined municipal government to influ-ence the safety culture of the city, but employee safety is still one of their many responsibilities. It’s a new day in Cedar Rapids Since a devastating 2008 flood, Cedar Rapids has worked to rebuild and improve its city facilities. 26 23 17 7 13 7 7 11 21 6 27 15 25 8 27 15 19 27 27 2 Bolton & Menk, Inc. FOX Engineering Associates, Inc. Garden & Associates, Ltd. I+S Group (ISG) IIW, P.C. Iowa Codification, Inc. Iowa Communities Assurance Pool Iowa Finance Authority Iowa Public Agency Investment Trust JEO Consulting Group, Inc. Martin Gardner Architecture, P.C. McClure Engineering Company MSA Professional Services, Inc. Pete Howe Industrial, Inc. Rehab Systems, Inc. SEH Snyder & Associates, Inc. Veenstra & Kimm, Inc. Ziegler Caterpillar in this issue advertisers 11 14 16 20 22 24 CITYSCAPE STAFF Publisher: Alan Kemp l Editor: Heather Roberts Staff contributors: Alan Kemp; Bethany Crile; Mark Tomb; Mickey Shields; Ron Sinnwell; Heather Roberts; Cindy Kendall; Erin Mullenix; Robert Palmer; Dustin Miller; Karla Fultz McHenry, The Friends of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women; Steve Troyer FOX Engineering; Dean Schade, Iowa Municipalities Workers’ Compensation Association Photography & Graphics: Heather Roberts; Katie Wheeler; Bethany Crile; BigStock Photo; FOX Engineering; City of Cedar Rapids; Linn County Public Health; Erin Mullenix ABOUT THE COVER The Cedar Rapids City Services Center will be one of the locations fea-tured as a mobile workshop during the League’s Annual Conference & Exhibit. Learn more about the conference, which is being held in Cedar Rapids on September 23-25, in this magazine or online. Cityscape (ISSN 1088-5951) is published monthly by the Iowa League of Cities, 500 SW 7th Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309, (515) 244-7282, FAX (978) 367-9733. A subscription to Cityscape is $18/year ($20 outside Iowa) for members and $50/year for non-members. Periodicals postage paid at Des Moines, IA. U.S.P .S. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Iowa League of Cities, 500 SW 7th Street, Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309. June 2015 Cityscape 3

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