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Q A For Your Skinformation. I know that I should wear sunscreen, but the problem is that every one I have tried makes my eyes burn. I’m careful not to apply it too close to my eyes, but it doesn’t make a diff erence. Surely there is a sunscreen out there that won’t bother my eyes? This is common. For some, sunscreen stings when it runs into the eyes. But for many, just having sunscreen on the face makes the eyes hurt. To fi nd a sunscreen that doesn’t cause problems for you look for chemical-free or “physical” sunscreens, and fragrance-free products. Many of our patients with sensitive eyes use SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense, formulated especially for the eye area, which is also compatible with eye makeup. Q A I was telling a friend about how I hate the fat bulging out over the top of my bra on my back, and she recommended the CoolSculpting ® treatment that she’s had on her thighs. She described it as a machine that freezes the fat away without liposuction. Does it cause frostbite on the skin? And does it work on the bra bulges? CoolSculpting ® is safe, eff ective, and is the most popular noninvasive body-contouring procedure worldwide. This patented technology was developed by scientists at Harvard University and selectively destroys fat without harming the skin or other tissues. CoolSculpting ® is used to reduce fat on the abdomen, back, waist, thighs, and arms. Body by Skin Spectrum, our new body contouring center, is the only center in Arizona to off er Dual Sculpting, allowing us to perform treatments in half the usual time. SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush EltaMD UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF 41 Jody Comstock, M.D. Tina Pai, M.D. Faiyaaz Kalimullah, M.D. ® © 2014 Skin Spectrum 520.797.8885 6127 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 101 skinspectrum.com

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